Invest in a sustainable future by applying renewable thermal energy

Shallow geothermal energy is today the most cost-effective application that offers a solution for both heating and cooling, applicable for larger buildings such as offices, shopping centers, collective living, care facilities, etc. The CO2 emissions are drastically reduced compared to conventional systems to the extent that even gasless systems are perfectly possible. For this, a 'proven technology' is used that guarantees unparalleled user comfort. From an architectural point of view, it offers numerous advantages: no disturbing external elements on the outside and the most aesthetical heat dissipation elements on the inside.

Tenerga Group offers various solutions tailored to your construction or renovation project.

The Tenerga Group ensures a complete approach to your construction or renovation project through the combined know-how of 3 pioneers.

10 years of experience and more than 150 successful projects

Why Tenerga Group?


We rely on research, analysis of geological data and the building parameters. We make realistic proposals exclusively tailored to your projects.

Maximum commitment

With the construction team, we optimize the heating and cooling installation. After closeout, we offer maximum support in the form of operating services, including full-service maintenance. This means lifetime support and complete unburdening.


We always work with an eye to the future and propose solutions that use proven technology that will become more important in the near future.

Optimal financial return

We are, of course, climate-conscious and driven to focus on renewable energy. But we want to achieve this in a way that is financially profitable for you.

Let us guide you with our expertise in sustainable energy tailored to your projects

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