About the TENERGA Group

In the spring of 2018 a new company is started in which Terra Energy and Solutes join forces with experienced entrepreneurs from the energy sector. This is how the TENERGA Group is created. The current activities are expanded with the provision of services and co-financing of projects. Frank Monstrey is the main shareholder, Jan Laga becomes CEO and co-shareholder and Hans Hoes CTO and also co-shareholder. Frank Monstrey will play a strategic and advisory role within Tenerga.

The company offers various solutions in the field of renewable thermal energy and geothermal energy. With shallow geothermal energy, heating (or cooling) is extracted from shallow formations up to about 150 m deep. This energy can also be stored seasonally. With this method of cooling and heating, energy consumption and CO2 emissions are drastically reduced compared to conventional systems even to the extent that gasless systems are perfectly possible.

Shallow geothermal energy is not only a sustainable but almost always also the most cost-effective solution for heating and cooling of larger buildings. Tenerga can guide your project from the feasibility study up to the closeout process, including start-up, co-financing and full service operation of the underground installations and the boiler room.

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